Ringwood Secondary College (RSC) is guided by 'Positive Education' principles (Pos Ed) with the aim of allowing our students to flourish. The wellbeing team is committed to implementing and embedding Pos. Ed. initiatives through the programs we offer. For more information on Pos. Ed. click here: Positive Education or Positive Education youtube


The RSC Wellbeing website is designed to provide families and students with the resources they need to deal with difficult situations as they arise. The website collates the best possible wellbeing resources on an easily accessible platform.

Wellbeing Team

Ringwood Secondary College (RSC) has a highly committed team of professionals who work together to ensure the best outcomes for our community members. 

My philosophy is underpinned by the belief that by identifying, and mitigating, key barriers to young people being engaged and connected to education, or meaningful employment pathways, we are able to maximise the learning potential of every child. By using a framework of competency cycle rather than a deficit cycle we promote positive expectations, opportunities and valued experiences that lead to improvements in the outcomes and lives of children and young people.

Sharlene Hetherington

Gail Ackroyd

Gail has been a Chaplain at the school for the past 5 years. Gail loves her role at the school which includes running mindfulness groups,  working one on one with students and parents, hanging out at Breakfast club, assisting with mentoring programs and running the Social justice group.  Gail loves supporting and encouraging students to see their worth and value and help them overcome difficulties so they can become the best version of themselves.

Karen Hallam

Karen Hallam is one of the RSC Student Wellbeing Coordinators and works across both the Wellbeing and Careers teams. Karen has been employed at RSC for 11 years and loves the variety of her numerous roles. Karen has a range of experience spanning over 20 years from working in crisis homelessness services, to supporting high risk adolescents as well as experience working with long term unemployed adults in her own consultancy business.  Karen holds a degree in Youth Affairs as well as her qualification in Career Education and Development. Karen is keen to provide support and information to young people in order to enable them to navigate systems and prepare themselves for a successful and fulfilling life where they can flourish.

Adam Bryant has been the College Chaplain for the past 13 years.  Adam can often be found on the basketball court, at school camps, hanging out at the breakfast club and playing downball on the quadrangle - all with the intention of developing positive connections with students.  With the help of volunteers Adam runs lunchtime programs which assist students in feeling connected to the college community and helps to build further connections with their peers and staff. 

Adam Bryant

Bec is excited to join our wellbeing team in 2020! She is a mental health nurse and has a keen interest in working with young people, inspired by her experience caring for youth recovering from first episode psychosis. Bec firmly believes that supporting students to remain engaged in education is key to promoting future wellbeing. She works from a wholistic perspective to health, identifying personal strengths and values that can be utilized to overcome barriers

Bec Skilton

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